Workout Wednesday

Another Workout Wednesday! These are easily becoming my favorite posts because they are fun to make and share with all of you! I love creating workouts for my clients in bootcamps, so these I get to share with all of you!


I chose to link up for Wild Workout Wednesday again, which has been giving me so many ideas! Click here for some more awesome ideas!

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Please watch my video here for more information on how to complete the workout.

(Not sure why WordPress isn’t allowing the video to embed but click the link and it will show you as well!)

This circuit really got my upper back and shoulders burning. I didn’t take much rest at all between each circuit so it was more difficult for me. If you want to take a break between each set that is fine! Modifications to your abilities are key! :)

If you try it, let me know! Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Oh yay! I needed a new upper body workout- thanks for sharing and linking up!!! :)

  2. I have a home TRX and I don’t use it very often for some reason-thanks for the workout reminder. Have a great day

  3. Julie @ Running in a Skirt says:

    Great workout! Love your videos too!

  4. Awesome. TRX Y Ups are NO JOKE. I seriously shake a little when I see those straps come out for a workout circuit.

  5. Hi Katie! Kettlebell swings are one of my favorite moves to do. In fact, I did a whole 45-minute training session with kettlebells things weekend including a bunch of those. Thanks for the workout! :)

  6. I love using the TRX – great list of exercises!!

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