Motivation Monday

Well hey there, I’ve been gone a little while now! (WHOOPS!) but I am getting back into the swing of things. I have had a wonderful summer- how has yours been?

So back tracking, something I feel so proud of this summer was gaining some muscle with the use of macro style of eating and heavy weight lifting. I did an awesome macro challenge and weight lifting journey for 3 months- and these are my results! The first picture was April 5th and the last was taken on June 28th. 


This is about 6 pounds loss and so much muscle and confidence gained! I couldn’t be happier eating almost 1800 calories a day, lifting weights, and doing minimal cardio exercise. My body has also never been happier. I used to run a lot and thought that would give me muscles, and make me lose weight but generally it broke down my body and I had too many injuries. I’ve never felt stronger!



If you have ever been curious if counting macros work- then I am living proof that YES! They do. You do not need to feel like you have to cut out entire food groups or have to restrict yourself anymore! If you would like more information from me on how I was able to do this, please contact me below. I have a new macro program that I have been using with clients!



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