Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! 

A good chance to start an awesome week! How are you feeling this week? I am a high school varsity sports coach and my first day of preseason is starting today! I am ready to go and ready to motivate a group of young women. 

So- what does it take to motivate you? Do you depend on external sources or do you feel like you have enough to motivate yourself. For me- I would say its a bit of both, but I try to remember to let myself be my main motivation. I do look up to others (fitness and business ladies) and try to see them as motivation for myself and NOT play a comparison game. That’s not fun- and can really lead to destructive behavior instead of healthy behaviors. I know that I am different from any of them, and I have unique things to offer. There isn’t a need to be another cookie cutter version- be yourself! That can be difficult these days with the constant media and everything being in your face, but should be a reminder that YOU have a lot to offer others!


Have a great day, fit friends!

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Motivation Monday

Well hey there, I’ve been gone a little while now! (WHOOPS!) but I am getting back into the swing of things. I have had a wonderful summer- how has yours been?

So back tracking, something I feel so proud of this summer was gaining some muscle with the use of macro style of eating and heavy weight lifting. I did an awesome macro challenge and weight lifting journey for 3 months- and these are my results! The first picture was April 5th and the last was taken on June 28th. 


This is about 6 pounds loss and so much muscle and confidence gained! I couldn’t be happier eating almost 1800 calories a day, lifting weights, and doing minimal cardio exercise. My body has also never been happier. I used to run a lot and thought that would give me muscles, and make me lose weight but generally it broke down my body and I had too many injuries. I’ve never felt stronger!



If you have ever been curious if counting macros work- then I am living proof that YES! They do. You do not need to feel like you have to cut out entire food groups or have to restrict yourself anymore! If you would like more information from me on how I was able to do this, please contact me below. I have a new macro program that I have been using with clients!



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Motivation Monday

Good morning and happy Monday!



I just wanted to share this photo with you because it is so true. Most times we build our own walls, and they aren’t meant to be there. Keep working hard- you CAN accomplish you goals with positivity and strength!

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Motivational Monday

This quote is one of my favorites- because it couldn’t be more true. 



Don’t some of the best parts of life happen when we are uncomfortable? Pushing outside that comfort zone is where we can find some of our true character, find out what we are made of! I feel like we are all usually much stronger than we really think. 

Personally I’ve really gotten into heavier weight lifting and flexible dieting. WOW- it’s a whole new world and it has been fun to see my progress so far. I’m power lifting and seeing some great weight increases. I’m surprised at how strong I actually am! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Happy Monday! Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When’s the last time you moved out of your comfort zone? 

Motivation Monday

Good morning everyone! I don’t know about you- but this is how I’m feeling this Monday morning haha! (or to be honest- MOST mornings ๐Ÿ™‚ )


But hey- it’s a brand new week and I’m ready to go. My husband and I have been working out hard as of lately- we seem to be having a little competition going with ourselves on who can be fittest by summer. ๐Ÿ˜‰ just kidding- but we have been eating well, working out hard, and loving to see our progress! 

Our newest workouts have included a lot of olympic lifting and I’ve really been lifting some heavy weights. I’ve never consistently done heavy lifting, I would do it here and there, but now that I”ve been doing it for the past few weeks- I have been happily surprised by myself! It’s been making me feel great and I’m really feeling those muscles bro


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Those words couldn’t be true! Hustle, work hard, get after your dreams!

  • What have been some of your recent goals?
  • How was your weekend?

Friday Link Up- Spring!

Yay Friday! Today I get to link up with other awesome people in our Friday Link-Up.

Check out the other hosts here: Eat Pray Run DC , You Signed Up for What and Mar on the Run!

This week, we are talking about Spring Time!

Oh spring, I’m ready for you!

This winter seems to be long and brutal and I’m ready for some sunshine and warm weather. Since I’ve moved to the eastern shore, getting to the point where you can walk the boardwalk comfortably or get on the beach is like the best time in the world! And trust me- everyone else feels that way too!

Things I’m Looking Forward to in Spring:

  • Running outside comfortably in a tank top and shorts. My favorite!
  • Boardwalk/beach time, of course. What a pretty sight!


  • Not wearing a coat outside. For some reason walking outside and it just being warm is a happy thought!
  • Ice cream/froyo dates!

Spring means one step closer to SUMMER and being at the beach all day! Basically any activity I can do outside in good weather is fine by me! Kayaking being a favorite of mine!


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  • What.s your favorite part about spring?