Workout Wednesday

It’s Wild Workout Wednesday! I’m linking up with these great ladies to bring you another workout this week. 


Do you ever feel like just a quick circuit workout? Honestly- most days this is how I’m feeling at the gym. I love quick effective circuits. My husband and I usually plan one for ourselves to do at the gym and we have been finding them quite effective lately, i.e., we are super sore!

Here is one we rotate in to our weekly workouts. We used kettle bells for the strength moves, but they could easily be done with dumbbells, or no weights at all!


Full Body Fitness Exercise Circuit. At home or at the gym workout


I really like to alternate strength & cardio moves to allow my heart rate to come down, only to spike it up again. These always leave me sweaty like I ran 5 miles, so I’d say they’re effective! :)

If you do it, let me know! Happy Wednesday!

Motivation Monday

I can’t believe it’s the end of January! Didn’t it feel like we just started the new year and now here we are, almost February. One of the biggest questions is if your goals (or resolutions) are still in tact?

Untitled (13)

Errrr…it can be a easy to start to slowly let these things slip away from us isn’t it? I have fortunately been doing well with my business and blogging and I owe it a lot to working a little at a time.

—>Every week I write down (at least) 3 things I want to complete for the week in my planner. I then do something each day to help me stay organized on track. It’s really been a big help to me on accomplishing small things that will help me personally, and with my business.

For example my goals this week are:

1. Finish my meal planning document for clients.

2. Adjust any bootcamp plans that are needed (i.e., weekly scheduled workouts, create new cardio sessions).

3. Film more workouts for my boot camp and for instagram. 

I’ve been lucky that these little steps are helping me stay focuses and have been helping me to accomplish goals for the week. I was never good about writing things down before, but I’ve found it to be so helpful! Plus- who doesn’t love checking things off their list?

  • Are you still accomplishing your resolutions? What do you do to stay on track?

Thoughtful Thursday

As I endeavor on my journey as a Fitness Professional, I’ve really enjoyed going through the process of planning and trying out my own workouts. It’s all been a trial and error process. I tend to make a workout, then try it out on my own to see how it goes. It’s a fun way to do it, because I can then decide different modifications for specific moves or workouts. It’s been fun seeing what all my training has been able to let me do! I am very happy with what I’ve been able to put together and I think others would enjoy it as well.


Planning bootcamps!

Not only workout wise, I even decided to write up a small packet of meal planning, and what works for me as far as eating goes. I figured, why not try to help someone else with things that I found helpful? I’m not master chef or nutrition expert- but I know that things work for me and they just might work for someone else.


Working on the meal plan!


That being said…are you on a fitness or weight loss journey? Feel that you need some guidance in areas concerning physical fitness? Need fresh new workout ideas? That’s what I’m here for!

I am offering some awesome introductory prices on my 6 week Bootcamp Program. I would love to help guide you in the right direction. I would be available to chat whenever you need! Please contact me at if you are interested in beginning a new journey! Click here for more information on my programs!

There’s no better time then now!


How To: Start Your Week in a Positive Way


This quote really resonates with me this week.  As I am keeping myself motivated and on the right track to my own goals, I have to keep that doubt out of my mind. You might know at times this can be a difficult thing. I’m going to share how I am keeping myself on track this year.

Untitled (10)

1. Wake up with goals in mind.

Everyday before getting out of bed I’ve been doing my best to make notes of my goals for the week. Generally on Sundays I’ve been making my longterm week goals and then the during the week, every morning, I’ve been making my smaller goals that I want to complete that day.

2. Do not get overwhelmed. 

 Yep- Staying organized is the best way to do this. I’m about to be that person, but, I am really busy during the week. Generally, I have a really tight schedule, so at times when I have my above goals in mind I can let that overwhelming frustration of little time get the best of me. I try to write & schedule everything in my planner so I know what needs to be done. When I plan ahead I’m way less likely to say, oh well, and forge about it.

3. Self-doubt is a thing of the past

Like the quote above, I’m over doubting anything I can do, because I have the right tools to set myself up for success. Preparing myself for the weeks and days has been helping me stay organized. I can only imagine what this mindset can help me do this year!

  • How do you set yourself up for success during the week?

Workout Wednesday

Today I am choosing to link up with Pretty in Pink Fitness for a workout link up! I’ve enjoyed linking up with other fitness fanatics out there. It gives me tons of ideas to link to my pinterest fitness board!

This is an awesome circuit workout I made up for myself to do yesterday. I was super sweaty and definitely felt the burn in my legs and abs. It’s in a ladder style starting with the highest number and gradually decreasing reps as you go on. I really like these styles because they are a different kind of challenge. I loved including these in my bootcamp plans for clients and they always have a good response! I fun kind of sanity 😉

Untitled (4)

This ladder means it should be done with 12 reps the first time through until the last set is done (6). Between each strength set you should do the one minute of cardio! Enjoy- and let me know how it goes. :)

My Top Tips for Getting Fit This Year

There are so many health tips out there, do this, drink that, eat this not that…it can get so confusing! I understand I’m throwing out my own tips in here- but I want to give you 5 of the first steps I think you can make to lead a healthier life this year.

Let me also say that my version of fit and your version of fit will not be the same, I’m only contributing my tips to overall wellness. 😉

Untitled (2)

1. Plan, Plan, PLAN. 

I mentioned this a little bit in my post yesterday, but planning is one step that can mean EVERYTHING. Sundays are MY planning day, but this might be different for you. I use my Sunday evenings to plan our evening meals (and leftovers being what I take for my lunch).

I even schedule when we will be working out. Most often I workout in the morning but when I don’t have time, I’ll try to schedule it at another time. It helps me see what I have ahead of me in the week and how to coordinate everything.

My Erin Condren planner contains my whole life!

My Erin Condren planner contains my whole life!

2. Drink More Water

Yep-simple. Almost obvious, but I bet you haven’t been drinking enough. I am probably (am) guilty myself. I’ve been trying to fill up my water bottle twice at work which helps keep me on track. Water is so important to our daily function. You might have noticed before that simply being dehydrated can make you cranky & groggy. Drink half your body weight in oz in water and you won’t have that problem!

3. Get More Sleep

I love sleep. Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. But, yep, sleep can be a big problem. I have been trying my best to start to shut down my electronics early and get myself in bed. (Although I do read on a Kindle, but uh, that doesn’t count?) The earlier I’ve been making an effort to get in bed, the more sleep I’ve been getting (DUH!). It’s just about making the effort to get myself ACTUALLY in bed and winding down. This method has been working out much better for me. So in conclusion, more sleep = less cranky, tired, and more likely to workout and KILL IT!

4. Explore Your Workout Options

More thank likely, I bet you might be in the same workout rut you have been in for a year. Take a chance on finding something new and try it out! You might just find a new way to mix up your fitness routine and get an even better workout regime. Who couldn’t use something different? I can get into a rut and get bored with my routine. Then I love to take new classes at the gym or try a new home workout DVD to mix it up.

5. Love What You’re Doing

Simply, love what you do. If you don’t love what you are doing- change it.  I can’t say this to myself fact saying this to myself enough this past year has caused me to make changes and LOVE the direction i’m going in. This alone has helped me lead a healthier, happier life.



Me, loving what I'm doing.

Me, loving what I’m doing.[bctt tweet="Top Tips for Getting Fit this year! #fitness #weightloss #workouts"]

  • What tips would you give on leading a healthy life this year?

If you are interested in working with me to get fit this year, fill out this contact form! I have a bootcamp starting on March 2nd!