Workout Wednesday

It’s Wild Workout Wednesday! I’m linking up with these great ladies to bring you another workout this week. 


Do you ever feel like just a quick circuit workout? Honestly- most days this is how I’m feeling at the gym. I love quick effective circuits. My husband and I usually plan one for ourselves to do at the gym and we have been finding them quite effective lately, i.e., we are super sore!

Here is one we rotate in to our weekly workouts. We used kettle bells for the strength moves, but they could easily be done with dumbbells, or no weights at all!


Full Body Fitness Exercise Circuit. At home or at the gym workout


I really like to alternate strength & cardio moves to allow my heart rate to come down, only to spike it up again. These always leave me sweaty like I ran 5 miles, so I’d say they’re effective! :)

If you do it, let me know! Happy Wednesday!

All About Love

Alright- in the name of Valentines day tomorrow- I’m talking about Things I love, I get to link up with other awesome people in our Friday Link-Up.

Check out the other hosts here: Eat Pray Run DC , You Signed Up for What and Mar on the Run!

Todays theme is obviously all about love. Here are just SOME things that I am loving this week!

Untitled (21)


1. My husband, Drew, and I have been doing some awesome Tabata workouts together at the gym! It is not fun getting up on these cold dark mornings, but when I have my husband to motivate me to get out of bed it’s SO much easier!

2. The Red Velvet Oreos are so darn good!

3. Lately we have been into Suits and The Good Wife! I love sitting down at the end of a long day for a few episodes.

4. Speaking of pedicures- I plan on getting one this week- I NEED IT!

5. I have been loving curling up in bed early, reading a little and passing out! A good nights sleep makes me a happy girl :-)


  • What’s your favorite show on Netflix right now? Or favorite show?
  • What are you loving right now?

My March Bootcamp

Hey there! I hope you are enjoying my new site! The last couple days I’ve been moving my blog over to become self hosted. I did everything myself-which took me a little longer than I thought haha! BUT somehow, someway I did it. I’m of course going to be working on it some more, because I need to tweak it here and there.

Anyways- I’m here today to announce my brand new 6 Week Bootcamp Program that will begin on March 2nd. I’m SO excited to be offering this in a group format. The group format gives everyone so much support and motivation, instead of you doing it on your own.

Untitled (19)
I post videos and workouts/meals in the morning and then you can complete the workout as you have time. None of my workouts require equipment, so if you have room to jump around- you are good to go! 
If you are interested, please contact me below so we can chat more!

Workout Wednesday- TRX Tabata

Another Workout Wednesday! I really love linking up with these girls! I get some great workout ideas from them! 10912598_10152638558488785_954023868_n Yesterday I worked out a TRX Tabata that really had me sweating. I have loved doing more and more with TRX, Using your body weight is an awesome thing. This Tabata uses 3 different moves for legs, core, and a cardio strength move. I like combining these types of movements to mix it up and keep my body guessing. Untitled (16)

Sorry YouTube is refusing to upload my video today! If it ever happens I will update with it later. This was a great sweaty workout and my core is really feeling it this morning. The lunges are a great movement to really work on the legs and glutes! Enjoy- if you try it out, let me know!

Workout Wednesday

Another Workout Wednesday! These are easily becoming my favorite posts because they are fun to make and share with all of you! I love creating workouts for my clients in bootcamps, so these I get to share with all of you!


I chose to link up for Wild Workout Wednesday again, which has been giving me so many ideas! Click here for some more awesome ideas!

Untitled (14)

Please watch my video here for more information on how to complete the workout.

(Not sure why WordPress isn’t allowing the video to embed but click the link and it will show you as well!)

This circuit really got my upper back and shoulders burning. I didn’t take much rest at all between each circuit so it was more difficult for me. If you want to take a break between each set that is fine! Modifications to your abilities are key! :)

If you try it, let me know! Have a great Wednesday!

Motivation Monday

I can’t believe it’s the end of January! Didn’t it feel like we just started the new year and now here we are, almost February. One of the biggest questions is if your goals (or resolutions) are still in tact?

Untitled (13)

Errrr…it can be a easy to start to slowly let these things slip away from us isn’t it? I have fortunately been doing well with my business and blogging and I owe it a lot to working a little at a time.

—>Every week I write down (at least) 3 things I want to complete for the week in my planner. I then do something each day to help me stay organized on track. It’s really been a big help to me on accomplishing small things that will help me personally, and with my business.

For example my goals this week are:

1. Finish my meal planning document for clients.

2. Adjust any bootcamp plans that are needed (i.e., weekly scheduled workouts, create new cardio sessions).

3. Film more workouts for my boot camp and for instagram. 

I’ve been lucky that these little steps are helping me stay focuses and have been helping me to accomplish goals for the week. I was never good about writing things down before, but I’ve found it to be so helpful! Plus- who doesn’t love checking things off their list?

  • Are you still accomplishing your resolutions? What do you do to stay on track?